Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ignite Denver can't wait until January? Ignite Boulder, this month!

Andrew Hyde from Techstars is organizing Boulder's first Ignite event, October 29th!

Ignite Boulder should be as much fun as Ignite Denver, and a great hold over until we get together again.

Speaking of Ignite Denver, I'm officially open to presentation ideas. Got something to say? Let me know at ignitedenver at gmail.com

Ignite Denver 1 had about 13 presentations, let's double that!!


Pam Hoffman said...

Checked out 'TechStars' and it's a dot org not a dot com.

You might want to change your link to the correct place as this goes really astray.

Pam Hoffman

John Wilker said...


oops! Thanks for the catch! Fixed

FloatingBones said...

Ignite Boulder I happened; you can see commentary and YouTube versions of the presentations are at http://andrewhyde.net/my-thoughts-on-ignite-boulder/ .

Ignite Boulder II is now scheduled for December 17, 2008 at the Atlas building on the CU Boulder campus. Atlas wound up being a wonderful venue for the first Ignite Boulder.

John: can you put up a new blog entry on this? Thanks.